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Whether you’re looking for funds to finance a commercial estate project or want to fund your next construction project, we can help. At Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Myers, we provide top-quality mortgage services in Lee County, Florida. Some people believe that hiring a mortgage broker is expensive and decide rather go directly to the lender. But this is a common myth; hiring a mortgage broker can prove beneficial for your business.


What is a commercial mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker acts as a middleman between mortgage borrower and mortgage lender. The main job of a mortgage broker is to connect lenders and borrowers. The broker finds the best lender that fits the borrower’s financial condition and preferred interest rates. According to the borrower’s loan type, the broker also takes care of the Loan – To – Value (LTV) ratio.

The brokers collect information about a person’s income, assets, credit reports, and paperwork for underwriting and approval purposes. Brokers will provide you lenders with minimal paperwork requirements, quicker funding, and flexible terms and conditions. Mortgage brokers collect commission or professional fees from both lenders and borrowers in a closing statement after providing services. The broker only gets its payment after the loan transaction is done.

What does a mortgage broker do?

Locate a lender: Locating a lender is not as easy a job as it may look. It might take a lot of time to find a reliable lender all over the country. As there is a wide range of property, loan types and a single lender can’t offer all types of loans.

A certified and experienced mortgage broker like us can help you to find the best lenders in less time who offer multiple types of lending loans. We have relations with many lenders to provide you with the best deals and offers on loans. Submitting loan applications to multiple lenders will help you to provide the best deals at a reasonable price.

The risk associated with working with a single lender

There are many risks of working with a single lender. First of all, you will take time to find a reliable lender, and then you have a risk if your loan is not approved or you don’t get sufficient funds. Working with mortgage brokers, your applications will be submitted to multiple lenders, so you have less risk of getting your application rejected.

Why choose us?

We, at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Myers, have the best financial advisors within the country. Our employees are knowledgeable and will successfully help to secure the best rates and terms. Our certified financial specialists will listen to your exact needs and requirements and accordingly find you a lender. Then we will look at property owners’ financial documents to get a better understanding and then will present the funding plan.

We even have relationships with lots of lenders. We’ll try to assist as much as possible to provide you with the best deals with our relations. So, if you want easy funding, quicker loans with flexible terms and conditions, contact us now.

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