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Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Myers is one of the top commercial real estate loan consulting companies in Fort Myers, Florida (FL). Our financial experts and advisors help businesses in procuring the best commercial loans at optimum interest rates. We deal with a range of commercial real estate domains such as private money loans, commercial loans, multifamily loans, industrial loans, and more. So, our company has dedicated experts to meet all of your needs, whatever your commercial financing requirements are.

Here are the services or commercial real estate domains that we deal with:

Private money loans: When it comes to securing loans from traditional institutions like banks, it can be quite hard. It’s because banks ask for numerous documents which most business entities are unable to provide. And this is where the private money loans come into the picture. Instead of approaching banks, these loans are offered by private companies or lenders. Our financial advisors have good relations with private lenders through which we can help you avail of loans for your business.


Private funding loans: Private funding is the last resort that is better than traditional ones for many reasons. Whether you’re a small or mid-sized business owner, you can apply for private funding loans from private companies or lenders. Such loans are easily available and have a better approval rate than others. However, the interest rates are usually higher. But with our help, you can find a plan with lower interest rates too. 

Commercial mortgage loan: Commercial mortgage loans are usually required to purchase, redevelop or refinance commercial properties. Such loans have quite similar conditions as that of a residential mortgage loan. However, it’s specifically meant for commercial properties. The commercial mortgage loans are secured by the property you’re planning to buy, develop or refinance. Usually, it’s easy to achieve, but with the help of Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Myers, you can find better deals and may be lower interest rates too. So, connect with us now and find the new deals that we have for you.

Commercial real estate loans: Such loans are meant for the companies or businesses who want to invest in commercial properties like malls, apartments, hotels, etc. there are several types of commercial real estate loans that you can opt for. You should know that there’s a down payment that you need to pay. It can vary from anywhere between 20-40%. However, this percentage keeps on changing and also depends on the private lender that you’re choosing. If you want such loans, you can contact our professionals. We have links with reliable private lenders who offer the best deals seasoned for businesses like you.    

Hard money loans: Such loans are usually issued by private lenders or financing companies. Unlike other commercial financing options, such loans are availed of by securing the real property as collateral. It means the real property or real estate secures the loan amount. As the real estate is held as collateral, the loan amount you’ll get depends on the property’s present value. The least amount of documentation is required in these types of loans, and you need not present your credit report to the private lender. Call now for effective deals.

Construction loans: Construction loans, as the name tells, are the funding or investment required to construct a building of a real-estate project. You can cover the initial costs of buying a building for construction or buying materials for constructing a new commercial building. It’s usually a short-term loan that mostly ends within a year.

Multifamily Loans: Multifamily is a residential system where multiple families have the same accommodation but live separately. If you’re working on large multifamily projects, you can apply for multifamily loans. To be eligible for this, you should be working on 2-4 units. Our company has helped several property developers with these multifamily loans. For more details on availing of multifamily loans, please connect with our professionals.

Mixed-use loans: Mixed-use buildings are the ones that have multiple uses. For example, if there’s a building with a residential complex on the first floor and a store on the ground floor, it’ll be termed as a mixed-use building. And the loans taken to build or invest in such kinds of buildings are termed mixed-use loans. Such loans are available with non-bank, bank, and private lenders. However, it’s always easy to take a loan from a private lender. And we’ll help you with the same. We have professionals working in this field for years. So, you can trust us.

Owner-occupied loans: Owner-occupied loans, as the name tells, are those where the businessman or borrower is the owner of the building he’s planning to buy. It’s a unique type of financial product meant for commercial use. If you’re looking for such a loan, please connect with our experts now! 

Office building loans: Office building loans are specifically meant for a commercial office building. However, you can use this loan amount for various purposes like renovating the office building, upgrading or expanding your office, or for similar purposes. If you’re looking for such loans, you can contact the best brokers in Orange County: Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Orlando. We have helped several commercial contractors in this field who have helped several contractors.

Medical office building loans: You can also procure loans to construct or occupy medical buildings both from banks and private companies. However, it can be far more comfortable if you go for private companies because loans for medical office buildings are somewhat hard to procure from banks. Our company has links with private lenders who specifically deal with medical office building loans. Also, you can expect decent interest rates without paying anything extra. So, contact our professionals now and get the process started.

Hotel loans: Whether you’re thinking of renovating your existing hotel, constructing a new hotel, financing to bring land improvements, or buying new land for a hotel, hotel loans can act as your savior. These are commercial real estate loans meant for hospitality improvement. You can use this financing and ensure the success of your hospitality business. However, to know how to find the best deals, please connect with our professionals.

Operating lines of credit: Operating lines of credit are quite necessary whether you’re running a small business or a large one. Such lines of credit can help you use cash whenever your business faces a crunch and need some upgrades for your business. You can keep your business in a stable position if you have operating lines of credit. Contact our experts for deeper insights on this subject.

Machinery and equipment loans: Certain businesses, usually product-based, require new equipment or equipment upgrades from time to time. However, sparing thousands of dollars through your revenue can be quite a hassle. Fortunately, with machinery and equipment loans, you can easily fund those needs. These equipment loans are available to all kinds of businesses for the purchase or up-gradation of their machinery. Our advisors have helped several companies and businesses in availing of these loans easily at low interest rates. So, if you’re interested in boosting your business and taking up equipment loans, reach out now.

Condotel Financing: Condotel is a condominium, usually like a hotel apartment using which you can generate rental income. However, condominiums are quite costly, but you can start an immensely profitable business with the right funding assistance. You’ll have to make a down payment for availing of a loan of this type. Investing in a condotel can be a profitable deal but it’s only possible if you get the desired loan amount in the given time. If you want assistance regarding the documentation or finding the right private lender, contact us now.

Commercial development loans: Developing commercial properties can be costly, and sometimes sparing huge sums of money is not possible. And this is where you can opt for commercial development loans. Such loans are specifically meant for developing infrastructure or the entire commercial building.  You should have occupied at least or more than 51% of the total building to procure this loan. Contact us now for more details.

Land development loans: Whether you want to purchase land, prepare it for construction or want to develop it for the future, there are land development loans that you can go for. Such loans are usually easy to apply to get approved. Also, you need not show the complete building like in the residential loans.  

Commercial construction financing: There are numerous expenses a contractor or property developer has to consider while constructing a new building, like labor costs, purchasing building materials, purchasing land, etc. And you can easily meet these expenses with commercial construction financing. This way, you can keep the work going without having to extract money from your business. Our professional financial advisors have several years of experience in dealing with commercial construction financing, and we can help you with the same.

Commercial land loans: if you’re a business entity and need to purchase land and need investment for the same, commercial land loans are for you. These loans can sometimes extend up to 20 years or less, while the lower limit is of five years.           

Warehouse loans: With warehouse loans, it becomes easy to upgrade the entire warehouse facility. Whether you want to install new infrastructure or want to upgrade the existing one, you can do this with warehouse loans. However, such loans are quite hard to procure as per the document requirements. But if you get in touch with our financial advisors, please connect with us now. We have brokers dealing with loans in this segment.  

Warehouse facility finance: This is similar to warehouse loans, where the inventories or the products stored in the warehouse are the collateral. A collateral manager visits the warehouse facility to check the inventory and your claims regarding the warehouse. Usually, such loans are easy to procure if you have reliable consultants like Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Orlando on your side. 

Industrial loans: industrial loans are a financing scheme for small and large businesses that require money for a range of purposes. It’s awarded to business identity and not an individual. If you want to apply for this loan and get approval, please contact our experts now!

Commercial and industrial loans: Commercial and industrial loans are specifically meant for business entities and are not offered to individuals. Your real estate will act as the collateral, which will secure the loan in this case. There are several requirements you need to keep in mind before applying for this loan. For deeper insights on this subject, contact us now.

Commercial lenders: Commercial lenders are those private firms or companies who lend money to contractors or business entities who’re further interested in investing money in commercial real estate or similar purposes. Our company helps find such commercial lenders and helps in taking care of the necessary formalities to ensure that your loan gets approved. 

Commercial mortgage brokers-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Myers

Commercial mortgage brokers: Having a mortgage broker on your side can be really helpful because such professionals have better knowledge about the industry and are very well aware of the system’s complexities. So, there’s a better chance of you cracking a good deal with such professionals on your side.

Benefits of hiring mortgage brokers like us

One of the top benefits of having a mortgage broker on your side is the experience. As we’re day and night into this business, we know what deals can be helpful for you. Also, as we have good relations with commercial lenders, we can help you find deals that aren’t visible to other companies. Mortgage brokers also help you compare various deals until you find the deal that suits you best according to your requirements. This way, you won’t ever get in touch with a bad deal.

Million Dollar business loan: A million-dollar business loan is not as hard as it looks to achieve. If you have the right documents, and of course, experts like us, you can easily get your hands on a million-dollar loan. These types of loans can boost your business and set you apart. However, there’s a down payment that you need to make for this loan. If you want further details reading this loan type, please reach out now. 

1-million-dollar unsecured loan: When there’s no guarantor or collateral that you can present, you can still go for an unsecured 1-million-dollar loan. However, this loan is quite risky, which is why you might face difficulty in finding the right lender. But we can help you find a lender in no time. Reach out for more details  How to qualify for a 2-million-dollar loan: Here are some requirements you need to fulfill: –

  • You have to show that you were into the from past few years
  • You should be able to generate enough revenue to pay back the money on time
  • Your credit record should be good
  • There should be a collateral 

Why are private institutions better than traditional ones for commercial loans?

There are several reasons why business entities prefer opting for private lenders or companies over banks. Here are some of those reasons:

When it comes to traditional institutions like banks, the process takes a lot of time, in most cases. Also, there's no guarantee that you'll get the loan approved. It's the reason businesses opt for private lenders. If you get in touch with the correct money lender, you can get the entire process done within 2-3 days. At Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Myers, we have a list of seasoned commercial private lenders who can help you with such loans within days. And this is a great advantage.

Private lenders can also help you procure loans with less collateral. You can even get your hands on unsecured loans with a private player. However, this is not possible with banks. It’s because such transactions seem to be risky, which is why banks are not a good option.

Banks will offer you certain terms and conditions which their financial experts predesign. Most of the time, such terms and conditions are unfavorable for businesses. And unfortunately, businesses are also unable to modify or amend these terms as per their needs. But with private lenders, you can. Our company will help you discover those private lenders that are always ready to offer you amendments and flexibility with your loan regardless of the type.

Private lenders tend to be more transparent than banks. Although banks list every detail regarding fees and charges, those details often go unnoticed. And due to this, many businesses feel cheated. However, with private lenders, there's no chance of this happening. Our company only deals with those private companies or lenders who share the details upfront. This way, you can always be aware of the extra expenses, if any.

Why choose us?

When it comes to finding private lenders for funding your business or real-estate project, you must have a financial expert like the Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Myers; our company has helped several business entities within Lee County for many years. Here is why we’re the first choice:

Our company features skilled financial experts who have assisted thousands of businesses in getting approved for their loan types. And it has helped us become more accurate in helping businesses or contractors like you. Our financial experts are aware of the various needs that businesses like you have. It's the reason why we're able to find the private lenders and the plans that match your requirements. Having an experienced consultant like us will cut short the overall time that you spend in applying for the loan. This way, you'll get the approval super quick and can use the funding for your business.

When it comes to applying for a commercial real estate loan to a bank, the process can be cumbersome. Also, there's no assurance as to whether or not you'll get the loan approved. And even if you get the loan approved, the disbursal takes a lot of time, costing you an entire deal. It's because deals never wait. However, by choosing the Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Myers, you can do your business a favor. Our experts analyze your documents and find the best private lender with the best plans. And we do this by first analyzing your needs and documents. This makes the process super easy and simple.

It's a known fact that interest rates at private lenders are significantly higher. It's because the private lenders require less documentation and guarantee. However, our company will help you find the private lenders who offer the best interest rates with the best system. We have maintained good relations with several local private lenders, which is why we can see the deals that others don't. And you can take advantage of this fact. So, if you're looking for commercial real estate loans at the lowest possible interest rates, contact our professionals now.

We know how strict the terms and conditions when it comes to availing loans from traditional institutions. Also, those terms are fixed, which you cannot customize according to your needs. However, our professionals will first understand your requirements and will then find a financial product that meets your needs. Also, most of the private lenders we deal with offer flexible terms and conditions which can be customized as per our requirements to some extent. So, you won't feel bound.

The approval rate of commercial loans from banks is quite low because of the banks' several requirements. However, it's not the case with private lenders that we deal with. Our company has links with those private companies who have minimum requirements and offer loans instantly. Our financial advisors find only those lenders who have previously offered loans to businesses and contractors like you. This way, we directly approach the right parties who're highly likely to offer you the loans. This way, you can get approval almost every time for every type of commercial loan.

There are several business entities who, after taking loans from banks, complain that they weren't aware of the added charges. The banks always list out all the charges, but no one really cares to read those expenses, which is why this confusion occurs. However, as your financial advisors, we'll make sure that you know about every fee, penalty, interest rate, or added charge that you might have to pay. We do all the dealing, which is why your hassle reduces and you remain on the same page as your lender.

We've helped small businesses, contractors, large businesses, and different business entities find the best funding. And we have done this by asking for the most competitive prices out there in the market. You might not find the lowest prices, but we can guarantee affordable yet quality-focused service. So, you won't burn a hole in the pocket by hiring our experts.

How are we going to help you get your loan?

At Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Myers, our financial experts will help you from the start till the end. Here’s a simple to understand the process: 

Understanding your requirements: This is the initial step of how we help business entities. Here we try to understand your loan requirements, purpose, desired interest rate, duration, necessary documentation, etc. It helps us find a seasoned private money lender who meets all of your loan requirements.

Shortlisting a few lenders: once we get your requirements, it becomes easy to find and shortlist the private lenders who can offer you the best loans. Now, we shortlist by considering a few factors such as interest rate, disbursal rate, customer reviews, terms and conditions, and loan approval rate.

Finalizing the application: Once we’ve selected our potential lender for your loan, we’ll help you prepare all the documentation. Although the documentation required by private lenders is way less, you still need to present some basic documents.  

Once the documents are complete, we’ll help you finally apply for the loan, which will be approved within 24 hours.

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Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Fort Myers has been helping businesses for quite a long time in finding the right private lenders at the right time. Our company features financial experts, brokers, and advisors who know the commercial real estate industry quite well and are aware of the recent business requirements. This helps us deliver the best results in the given time. So, if you need quick funding to keep your business running, you should reach out to us now!

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